Cage Meets Satie

“With Anne de Fornel and Jay Gottlieb, Socrate is in good hands, this emotionally subtle performance becoming a reference version.”

Romaric Gergorin, Classica


“The pianists Anne de Fornel and Jay Gottlieb have brilliantly come together to offer us this beautiful double homage. […] Most decidedly, a magnificent album!”

Patrick Jézéquel, Resmusica

“To crown the whole, Anne de Fornel also proves to be an excellent pianist in her duet with Jay Gottlieb, an eminent Cagean, in an album that is being released at the same time.”

Franck Mallet, Musikzen


“Anne de Fornel, a Cage specialist, is in her element and Jay Gottlieb is not to be outdone. This virtuoso  performance is refined and sophisticated. An exciting album!”

Jérôme Gillet, Froggy’s Delight

“It’s not surprising that a renowned performer of Cage, Jay Gottlieb, has joined forces with his biographer, Anne de Fornel, in an album that is testimony to the American composer’s faithful attachment to Satie. A program of high standards that is alternately incisive and smooth, rhythmic and consistent.”

Simon Corley, Concerto-Net

“As if borne aloft by this filiation that few have successfully exploited, the equation sparkles here, even thrills, thanks to the incisive and inventive playing of the two pioneering pianists: Anne de Fornel and Jay Gottlieb.”



Crossing the Line

“The atypical women’s Trio has releasedits first CD, Crossing the Line, which brilliantly combines piano, violin and saxophone.”



Vers la Vie Nouvelle

“This program is unique and, when presented with the superb musicality of Anne de Fornel combined with the tonal  allure of the period Pleyel piano, this disc becomes an object to be treasured.”



“Anne de Fornel is highly regarded for her work on the Second Viennese School and John Cage, as well as for her art as a pianist (she studied with Florent Boffard, in particular), that have led to works dedicated to her by a number of creators, including Borowski, whom she recorded as a member of the Steuermann Trio. Today, the Franco-American musician plays five composers, born in the second half of the 19th century, on a Pleyel concert cross-stringed piano.  […] May this collection delight us, always reaching unknown horizons.“



“Anne de Fornel chose an old 1892 cross-stringed Pleyel to give credence to her program of piano rarities: its crystalline highs tinkle to a kind of stridency in Enesco’s disquieting Carillon nocturne, and its beaded sonorities warm the setting sun of William Baines’s  Paradise Gardens.”



“Anne de Fornel plays these very little-known pieces with mastery and sensitivity, an excellent Franco-American pianist whose curiosity is immense. A captivating disc.”

Thierry Vagne, Musique classique & Co


La Nuit Transfigurée

“The musicians of the Steuermann Trio are young and full of talent, reflected in this CD of early works by composers from the Second Viennese School and one of their emulators.”




“The Mesostics Ensemble, initially formed at the CNSMD in Lyon, is typical of these groups of young musicians whose level is as  excellent as it is homogeneous. Trame IV, with its very speed, fluidity and lightness, allows us to appreciate their precision that at no time disrupts the flow of the piece. The group’s pianist, Anne de Fornel, shown here as a soloist, performs within a very natural, almost chamber-like relationship with her eleven partners.”